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Written by on October 2, 2019

If you were wondering what was better than one Will Smith, may we shoot your attention to two Will Smiths? The actor has had some pretty epic de-ageing done to his mug for latest film Gemini Man, with a clip showing the extent of the movie-making technology. The I Am Legend star will play an assassin, Henry Brogan, being pursued by a younger clone of himself (aptly dubbed Junior) and, all in all, it sounds creepy as hell. However, it looks set to feature some pretty groundbreaking CG. In a special teaser for the film revealed by Metro.co.uk, Will was seen being hunted (or was he hunting?) his younger self, with the scene culminating in an impressive fight showing off not only the 51-year-old actor’s action moves but also the leaps and bounds film tech has taken in past years. It all comes to a head in the depths of the catacombs as the pair, surrounded by ominously stacked walls of skulls and human bones, go head to head in a fight, as older Will insists he is trying to ‘save’ his younger self. As the Wills bash one another we cannot fathom how they made this whole scene, as Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who plays Danny Zakarweski) threatens to shoot younger Will. Who needs the FaceApp ageing filter when you’ve got Ang Lee? We are all Mary Elizabeth Winstead here (Picture: Paramount Pictures) Even when they’re head to head the likeness is perfect (Picture: Paramount Pictures) Will knows viewers are in for a pretty wild spectacle, as he shared his thoughts on the release at Las Vegas Comic Con in April. The actor spoke about the ‘insane’ movie at the event, explaining that it’s ‘an exploration of what one’s younger self can teach you. I’m 50, and [at 23] I wouldn’t have been ready to take on this role. … It’s relatable characters with some great action.’ Uncanny! (Picture: Paramount Pictures) He added that the movie is ‘really insane, but with guidance and collaboration with Ang Lee, we have done something that has never been done before.’ With the release of the trailer later that month we got our first glimpse of Will to the power of two. ‘He knew every move of mine before I made it. I’d have him right there, take the shot and he’d be gone, like a ghost,’ young Will can be seen telling one of his bosses in the clip. ‘I think I know why he’s as good as you. He is you,’ a pal later told older Will.

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