Looking to spend some quality binge time on the couch this weekend? Here’s what to watch. The Sandman (Netflix) – Neil Gaiman‘s famous comics are finally coming to life with the first season following a barrier-breaking DC superhero, The Sandman, played by Tom Sturridge.   Cluster[****]: Woodstock ’99 (Netflix) – Netflix’s most recent limited series takes a close look at the […]

Nicki Minaj teased her self-titled docu-series, Nicki. She shared the 2-minute trailer on social media. Nicki tweeted (quote) “Coming SOON!!!! The #NickiDocumentary you didn’t know you needed.” Originally, HBO Max partnered with Nicki in 2020 for this six-part series. That arrangement seems to have ended. Nicki said she’s looking for a ‘home for this project’ that documents her rise […]

50 Cent is truning things up a notch with his upcoming horror movie based on social media influencer culture. It looks like 50 Cent’s decision to enter the world of horror films is going to pay off. At least according to the reaction of a cameraman who reportedly fainted during recording one of the scenes. […]

Based on the jaw-dropping receipts from the hit film ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ people have been officially outside supporting the sequel 35 years in the making. Starring superstar Tom Cruise, it was recently confirmed that ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ just broke a record that was in place for 25 years, belonging to the 1997 classic, ‘Titanic,’ starring […]

Amber Heard denied rumors on Tuesday that her role in the Aquaman sequel was eliminated. Filming concluded earlier this year. The online celebrity site Just Jared posted that audience response from screen test previews convinced the studio to re-shoot scenes. (quote) “Warner Bros. decided to recast Amber Heard‘s role.” Her rep called this anti-Amber rumor mill fueled by the Johnny Depp court […]

The fourth and final season of Netflix has premiered on the streaming platform today, with a content warning appearing at the beginning of the first episode following the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday. Fans looking to dive into the latest series of the sci-fi show, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, and […]

More fallout for Will Smith. He’s attached to three movies that may never be released. Sony Pictures placed Bad Boys 4 on the backburner. Just prior to the Academy Awards, the studio presented Will Smith with a script. Sony is having second thoughts and will watch the fallout before choosing to move forward. Apple TV+ has a finished movie starring Will […]

On Tuesday, the National Board of Review hosted its annual awards gala in NYC where was some of the year’s best films, filmmakers and actors were honored including Will Smith! The star was honored as Best Actor for his role in “King Richard,” — the film that followed the life of Richard Williams who is […]

It looks like the conversation about pay on the ‘Friday’ franchise is still going. This time Michael Blackson weighed in on the coins he made on set. As you may remember, Michael played the role of a dissatisfied customer in the 2000 sequel ‘Next Friday.’ The comedian’s appreciation came hours after Ice Cube responded to […]

Keanu Reeves does not think that The Matrix Resurrections will spawn another trilogy. While many had suspected that the long, long-awaited sequel to the original Matrix trilogy would reignite the franchise and begin another series of movies, Reeves, who returns as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections, does not believe that this will be the case. […]

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