Halle Berry Is Teaming Up With Angelina Jolie For ‘Bond vs. Bourne’-Inspired Action Film

Written by on April 19, 2023

Based on the cast alone, this upcoming action movie sounds like a good watch. According to Deadline, Halle Berry is joining Angelina Jolie in an upcoming film titled “Maude v Maude,” which is being described as a James Bond v. Jason Bourne-inspired action-packed flick. What’s more, both women will be starring in and producing the movie, which has officially been picked up by Warner Bros, the publication reports. As we all know, Berry is no stranger when it comes to playing roles that require her to perform all sorts of stunts, having previously starred in films such as “Catwoman,” “John Wick: Chapter Two,” and 2002’s “Die Another Day,” where she played Bond girl Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson.

Jolie, too, has worked up quite the impressive credentials of being a total alpha female on-screen in movies such as “Salt,” “Wanted,” and “Lara Croft: Tom Raider,” to name a few. So, seeing these two women join forces for an upcoming motion picture sounds rather promising. Per the aforementioned publication, multiple studios went into an “intense” bidding war over the project while specific details pertaining to the plot currently remain under wraps as the movie remains in its early stages of development.

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