Simon Cowell Is ‘Terrified’ About His Son Eric Cowell’s Health — Here’s Why

Written by on February 21, 2020

Simon Cowell has revealed that he’s worried about his son Eric’s health, particularly that he will contract coronavirus.The music mogul and talent show judge is taking precautions to protect him and Eric, who is now 6.

Simon revealed this fear in a new interview with talkRADIO. The coronavirus has resulted in over 2,000 deaths as of this writing, most of them in China. Over 75,000 people have reportedly been infected.

Simon Cowell Is Worried Son Eric Will Get Coronavirus

“I am terrified about it,” Simon said of the possibility that he or Eric will contract coronavirus. “I have worn masks for ages. When I cycle around town I wear a mask.” He added that he’s taking Eric to Disneyland Paris soon, and will make sure they wear masks on the train and carry hand sanitizer.

 wouldn’t want to be on a cruise ship right now. Those people stuck on that cruise ship,” he added, referring to the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was under a two-week quarantine. “Why they haven’t taken them off and put them in a proper hospital is unbelievable.”

“I have seen movies about his kind of stuff before and you know, with so many people travelling around the world it was always going to happen one day,” Simon said. “We’re seeing it right in front of our eyes right now. It does worry me.”

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