Offset Says Cardi B Went And Cheated On Him, Cardi B Claps Back

Written by on June 27, 2023

Offset has dropped a bombshell as he reveals that his wife of six (6) years, Cardi B, has cheated on him.

The rapper posted and deleted an Instagram story on Monday morning, causing things to spiral out of control as fans tried to make sense of what was happening between him and Cardi.

Days before, Offset posted screenshots of a disappearing message he says was sent by another rapper to his wife. In that message, the rapper seems to proposition Cardi B by telling her that he would not do “cornball sh*t” to disrespect her as he seemingly referred to Offset’s past cheating, which caused Cardi to be ridiculed by critics and haters. The Bronx rapper also filed for divorce from Offset because of the cheating two years ago.

“I’ll never do no cornball sh*t or even do none to make your people mad etc!! I hate when a mf think ima f*cc n**ga cause I really come from a genuine place”, part of the message read.

On Monday, Offset claimed that his wife cheated on him.

“My wife f**ked a n**ga on me gang yall n**as know how I come,” the rapper said in a now-deleted Instagram story.

On Sunday, it was noticeable that Cardi and Offset did not appear together at the BET Awards.

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