Kodak Black Has Turned Himself In Following Arrest Warrant

Written by on June 27, 2023

Kodak Black has reportedly surrendered himself to authorities following an arrest warrant that was issued against him. This is not the first time that Kodak has found himself in trouble with the law. He has previously faced drug charges and encountered difficulties throughout his legal process.

Violating the terms of his release, such as failing drug tests or not submitting them at all, has only added to his legal woes. Despite these challenges, his defense team is now focused on proving his compliance and innocence, seeking to navigate through the complexities of the justice system. Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, has even drawn comparisons between his client’s case and that of Hunter Biden, raising questions about potential disparities in treatment within the legal system. The arrest warrant that led to the rapper’s surrender was issued due to his failure to appear for a drug-and-alcohol test. The warrant was signed by Broward Judge Barbara Duffy after he missed a meeting with pretrial services.

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