Megan Fox Asking Fans To Donate To Her Friend’s GoFundMe

Written by on July 26, 2023

Megan Fox recently found herself in the midst of a controversy after asking her fans to donate to her friend’s GoFundMe campaign. Despite having a reported net worth of $8 million, Fox faced backlash for not contributing the $30,000 needed to reach the fundraising goal herself. Fans then accused her of hoarding money and questioned why she didn’t help her friend directly. The fundraiser was set up for Fox’s longtime nail technician’s father, who is battling pancreatic cancer. While the campaign has raised over $7,500 so far, some fans expressed anger on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, suggesting that Fox should have used her own wealth instead of asking strangers for help.

The criticism towards Megan Fox stems from the perception that as a wealthy individual, she should have been able to cover the expenses herself. Some people were all up in her pockets, assuming that she makes enough money to care for those around her, while others questioned her decision to ask her fans for donations. This sentiment was especially prevalent on Twitter, where users expressed their jokes and disappointment with Fox’s actions. It is important to note that Megan Fox’s decision to share the GoFundMe campaign on her Instagram Story does not necessarily mean that she did not contribute privately.

It is unclear whether she made an anonymous or direct donation, as this information has not been disclosed. However, the lack of transparency surrounding her involvement in the campaign fuelled anger and disappointment among her fans.


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