Freak of the Week Award Goes To….

Written by on January 21, 2023

The internet is losing it over Yung Miami’s latest reveal on her show “Caresha Please”. Everyone knows Yung Miami rarely holds back with snarky commentary and does not shy away from a challenge. Things got especially spicy near the end of the episode featuring Caresha’s godmother, rapper, Trina Rockstarr. In a heated round of “Resha Roulette,” Caresha confessed to liking golden showers. This is the act of having someone pee on you during intercourse, and not a fetish most people admit out loud. Trina admitted to her obvious initial shock and responded by admitting she has never received one but is open to trying new things. Following the release of the episode people are now labeling Bad Boy Records chief and Caresha’s boo as Pee Diddy.

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