Dry Ice death.

Written by on March 3, 2020

Three people are killed after jumping into a pool full of dry ice. An Instagram influencer’s birthday party turned into tragedy after three people-including her husband-died after jumping into a pool full of dry ice in Moscow, Russia. Yekaterina Didenko was celebrating her 29th birthday party at an indoor pool complex. Reports say her guests were filling the pool up with 55 pounds of dry ice in order to create a certain effect for the party. A video shows several guests which included Didenko’s husband Valentin, jumping into the deadly pool. However, the clip is cut short after one of the guests is flapping his arms in distress. Although dry ice(frozen carbon dioxide) is relatively safe at low levels, it can be dangerous when placed in areas lacking ventilation as reported by Continental Carbonic: “Dry ice converts to carbon dioxide gas. If left in a confined space, the carbon dioxide gas will displace oxygen and present a suffocation hazard.”

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