British Activists Arrested After Throwing Cake At King Charles’

Written by on October 24, 2022

Two British climate activists who are part of the Just Stop Oil movement, stunned onlookers at a Madame Tussauds venue in London on Monday when they covered King Charles’ waxwork in chocolate cake as they demanded that the UK government stop producing new oil and gas licenses. Eilidh McFadden and Tom Johnson, who the Metropolitan police have since arrested following Monday morning’s incident, had trespassed a barrier to get close to the waxworks of Charles, Kate Middleton, Camila, and Prince William, as video footage of the incident has since gone viral on Twitter. “We are here because we seek to protect our freedoms and rights because we seek to protect this green and pleasant land which is the inheritance of us all,” they said. “The science is clear. The demand is simple: just stop new oil and gas. It’s a piece of cake.”

The Just Stop Oil activists group, which was founded back in February, has wreaked havoc in the streets of London, with some calling their protests “aggressive” and “out of line. Most recently, JSO activists caused highway congestion after blocking cars from passing through while another incident saw members of the group try to sabotage a soccer match in north London all in protest of getting the government to stop producing fossil fuel licenses.

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