At Least 10 People Struck After Gunfire Erupts During Taping Of French Montana Music Video

Written by on January 6, 2023

At least ten people have been left injured after gunfire erupted during the taping of a music video for rapper French Montana. According to 7News Miami, the shooting occurred outside of The Licking in Miami Gardens, just before 8 p.m. on Thursday.

According to witnesses, French Montana was filming a music video outside of The Licking. One witness, named Ced Mogul, came to watch the filming, as reported by 7News Miami.

Mogul said, at some point, someone in the crowd was robbed of their watch, keys and wallet.

[He asked to] call his mother and see if we can get spare car keys and make sure, you know, he’s OK, and then the gunshots went off… at least 13, 14, 15 gunshots. It was very rapid, it sounded like an assault rifle.

According to the outlet, authorities have not revealed whether someone shot into the crowd. Or if the gunshots were an exchange of fire.

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