Yung Miami Says Relationship With Diddy Is Special Because It’s The ‘First Time’ She’s Experienced Such Love

Written by on January 6, 2023

Yung Miami can’t stop smiling when it comes to her boo, music mogul, Diddy. The 28-year-old attended the season two premiere of BMF in Los Angeles on Thursday. And had a lot to share about her love interest.

The Miami-bred rapper boasted about Diddy, exclusively, to PEOPLE. And flaunted his character as a “grown” and “honest” man.

He’s a man. He’s a grown man. He’s very honest. He’s upfront about everything, ain’t no secrets with him. Nothing in my face, everything in one. I can talk to him about it.

The 28-year-old also revealed that her and Diddy’s “shared spirituality” helps to strengthen their bond.

We go to church. He takes me to church. We pray together. We put God first, for real. We pray, talk to God, and go to church. I can talk to him about anything.

The rapper noted that what makes her relationship with the 53-year-old so special, is that it’s the “first time” she’s experienced, such love.

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