No New COVID-19 Cases

Written by on August 19, 2020

While it is famous for being the originating city of the coronavirus, Wuhan, China held a massive pool party celebrating three months of no new COVID-19 cases last weekend. After it was reported that the virus came from a wet market and traveled the globe, infecting and affecting millions, the city of Wuhan has been able to now control the virus, reporting zero new cases since May. As they appear to be in the clear, this past weekend, the city hosted a huge electronic music festival at a water park, with no masks nor social distancing in sight. Since the stringent 76-day lockdown lifted in early April in the metropolis of 11 million people, thousands flocked to Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, which has reported that an average of 15,000 daily visitors have walked through their doors. Meanwhile, the deadly virus continues to infect and kill thousands every day in the United States, Brazil and India.

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