GIGI HADID: Second Date With Tyler Cameron

Written by on August 6, 2019

For the second night in a row, supermodel Gigi Hadid went on a date with Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron.

Monday night, they visited Frames Bowling Lounge in midtown Manhattan. An eyewitness said, (quote) “Gigi and Tyler were very flirty and kept laughing. Things are going really well. They were constantly talking and romantically touching.” (Entertainment Tonight)

Sunday night, on their first date, Gigi attempted to throw off the paparazzi. She left the nightclub through the front door. Then her SUV limo drove around to the alley to pick up Tyler at the back door before returning to her Manhattan condo. Tyler and Gigi enjoyed a nightcap. He stayed well past two in the morning. (New York Post)

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