DAVID BLAINE: Soared 25,000 Feet High

Written by on September 3, 2020

Wednesday morning, on a crystal-clear day, David Blaine spent an hour flying high above Arizona while attached to 52 helium balloons.

More than 6 million people streamed on YouTube the daredevil stunt that also featured his 9-year-old daughter named Dessa. She stayed at the launch site and talked with her dad via two-way radio. Either Blaine had complete confidence, or it would be a traumatic catastrophe for his little girl. 

He took off without wearing a safety parachute. It was latched to the balloons. Then 15 minutes into the flight, he paused to strap into the backpack.

After reaching an altitude of 25,000 feet, Blaine detached from the weather balloons, went into a skydive free-fall and eventually parachuted safely back to earth.

Blaine brought along a tank of oxygen to withstand the extreme altitude, which is almost as high as Mount Everest. He monitored his pulse, which never got below 140 beats per minute. His heart was racing. (HOLA)

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