YNW Melly Friend Testified

Written by on July 12, 2023

A friend of YNW Melly, Treveon Miliak Glass, testified that the rapper changed his cloth on the night of his two friends’ murder.

He testified that after Fredo Bang picked up the rapper on the night of the murder, he turned up at a party at Bang’s house and appeared to have changed into clean clothes.

The witness’ testimony is damning as he seems unreliable when asked about an object, possibly a gun he was carrying the night of the shooting, and the fact that he saw Melly at Fredo Bang’s house where a party was kept. The witness Treveon Miliak Glass was questioned about whether he saw Melly leave Fredo’s house and if he had noticed him wearing a fresh set of clean clothes after the murders took place.

The witness said soon after, he saw Melly at Fredo Bang’s house where a party was keeping, and he appeared to have changed.

“He wasn’t wearing the same clothes,” the witness answered the prosecution about Melly’s clothes from earlier.

Lead prosecutor Kristine Bradley also questioned the witness about noticing that Melly “was carrying something across his side,” to which he affirmed, “I guess, a satchel.”

The defense, however, objected to the line of questioning that the judge sustained.

Glass was asked if he saw anyone else wearing the satchel or if he knew what was inside the satchel, but he said he couldn’t recall.

The prosecution, however, played a video that showed Christopher Thomas (YNW Juvy) also wearing a satchel.

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