JEFF BEZOS: $400 Million Mega Yacht

Written by on August 6, 2019

Jeff Bezos could cross paths with Kylie Jenner this weekend in the Mediterranean.

The LipKit Queen is there to celebrate her 22nd birthday on a 300-foot yacht. Bezos just got delivery of his $400 million mega yacht.

The 450-foot “Flying Fox” is currently anchored at a popular vacation destination off the coast of Turkey. That $400 million pays for 11 VIP cabins each with a private sundeck, a dining room for 22 and a movie theater.

The yacht has a swimming pool half the size used in the Olympics, two Jacuzzis and two helicopter pads, which makes it possible Bezos and his guests to fly in on separate helicopters. The helo pads accommodate the largest helicopters on the market.

To operate a private cruise ship of this size requires cabins for 54 crew members. (Yacht Harbour)

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