DENNIS RODMAN: Alleged Clothing Heist

Written by on May 10, 2019

Dennis Rodman is accused of helping his friends shoplift $500 worth of clothing from a store in Newport Beach, California, and it was all caught on video.

Rodman is seen walking into the popular VIBES Hot Yoga store with two women and one man. As Rodman chats with employees, his friends can be seen stuffing clothing into their purses. At one point, a woman stands behind Rodman as she places an item into her bag.

The male companion is also seen trying to carry out a large $2,500 crystal art piece which he drops and shatters all over the floor. The owner of the store says Rodman blamed employees for the broken crystal and refused to pay for it. The group then left the store with a piece of the crystal and the other stolen merchandise. 

Employees say Rodman and his friends smelled of alcohol. The store has filed a theft report with police. Rodman, who is on probation stemming from a drunk driving arrest last year, has not yet commented. (TMZ)

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