Nick Cannon Says Fourth Eminem Diss Track Is More About 50 Cent

Written by on February 11, 2020

Nick Cannon really only has three full diss tracks aimed at Eminem—not four.

On Sunday (Feb. 9), Vlad TV released another portion of their sit-down with Cannon where he discussed his song “Used to Look Up to You” from his recently-released project, The Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate Vol. 1. Though originally labeled by critics as a diss to Em, Cannon revealed in the new interview that it was actually more aimed at 50 Cent than anyone else.

“If you actually listen to it, ‘Used to Look Up to You’ and ‘I Know What It Is’ are more about 50 and a lot of these other rappers who I’m like, ‘Dog, man—I had so much respect for y’all,'” Cannon explained.

Vlad then referenced a bar from the track where Cannon raps, “Niggas out here tweeting like they been a savage/Used to look up to you/Dick riding little Marshall Mathers,” which Cannon confirmed was “clearly about 50 and a lot of his other fans.”

Cannon also noted that the track “wasn’t a diss song,” as the whole seven-track project it lived on was more to take Em to task for what Cannon says is his institutional racism than to necessarily diss anyone.

You can watch Nick’s full interview with Vlad TV for yourself below. The conversation about “Used to Look Up to You” happens around the 2:35 mark

50 Cent’s name still ring bells, but it’s been over a decade since he released a platinum album. Since then, he’s focused his efforts more on acting, investing, executive producing and trolling among other things. His 2014 indie album Animal Ambition felt more like a mixtape than the epic showings we’re accustomed to from Fif. While he’s put out some solid mixtapes in the duration, he consistently pushed his Street King Immortal album to the backburner. He is presumably still working on the album. We are patiently waiting.

T.D.E.’s Ab-Soul is the most reclusive rapper in the clique and after releasing and promoting his 2016 album, Do What Thou Wilt, Solo has been laying low. We were supposed to get the mixtape Longterm 3 between then and now but it never materialized. Now it looks like 2020 will be the year the self-described “Black Lip Pastor” returns. During a performance at the 2019 Day N Vegas Festival, he concluded his set by telling fans, “New album 2020. We takin’ everything.” Yes, please.

We waited a whole 16 years to get Dr. Dre‘s third album, Compton. That’s two lifetimes in rap terms. Now that the good doc has properly administered the remedy, fans still want another fix. Will we get it? It’s hard to tell. Many of the same things that hindered the release of Detox are still in play, including Dre’s busy business schedule and perfectionist mentality. However, he always seems to be in music mode. There are seemingly never-ending whispers of Dre being in the lab and he is reportedly mixing Kanye West’s upcoming album, Jesus Is King 2.

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