ASAP ROCKY: Another Week Behind Bars

Written by on July 22, 2019

A$AP Rocky’s situation in Sweden isn’t getting any better. On Friday, authorities decided to keep the Harlem rapper in custody for another week, citing a potential flight risk.

Meanwhile, the man who he’s accused of assaulting, who was seen on video attacking Rocky and his crew, hasn’t spent a minute behind bars. An initial press release indicated that Swedish officials need another week to review the details of the case, at which point they planned to indict Rocky. Curiously, they’ve since walked that back and issued a revised press release. The updated version only speaks to the desire to hold the rapper for a third week, and says nothing about whether Sweden plans to charge him with a crime.

U.S. government officials have also reportedly gotten involved in what’s becoming something of an international incident, arguing for Rocky’s release. (TMZ)

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