INMATE ON THE RUN: Video Shows How He Escaped

Written by on September 7, 2023

Pennsylvania’s Chester County Prison is under scrutiny after newly released footage shows how inmate Danelo Cavalcante escaped last Thursday.

Video footage shows Cavalcante outside in the exercise yard when he comes to the side of the building and uses his legs and arms to walk up the building and onto the roof. Officials say he had to work his way through multiple layers of razor wire to get completely out of the prison area.

During a press conference, the prison’s warden said Cavalcante’s escape was similar to Igor Bolte’s on May 19th of this year. The big difference is that when Bolte tried to escape, a corrections officer working in the tower noticed immediately and sent out a warning to other officers. He was caught within five minutes.

But the corrections officer in the tower didn’t notice Cavalcante getting away, which gave him extra time to get further from the prison. That tower worker is now on administrative leave.

It’s been one week since Cavalcante escaped and the manhunt to find him is still going strong. The reward for information leading to his arrest has been raised to $20,000. (CBS News)

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