Yung Joc Reacts To People Picking A $50 Amazon Gift Card Instead Of 30 Minutes With Him

Written by on July 4, 2023

Yung Joc wants people to stop playing with him and put some respect on his name! The “Love & Hip-Hop” star recently caught wind of a video that has been making its rounds online and he’s not happy about it. The clip in question shows a host from @856_ent asking random people if they would rather get a $50 Amazon gift card or accept 30 minutes with the entertainer.

One woman says, “Mhmm… not no Yung Joc.” Nearly 5 other women said they’d take the $50 Amazon gift card instead. Another explained, “I don’t want Yung Joc. That n*gga be wearing the swoops and the corny a** hairstyles. I’m alright.”

Now, Joc doesn’t really bother anyone especially not on the internet so he seems a bit shocked and annoyed that folks are out here bothering him and his peace!

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