Walmart is doing what nah?

Written by on October 17, 2019

As if Walmart doesn’t do enough for their loyal customers worldwide, you won’t believe what they are doing now. Walmart has definitely stepped out of their comfort zone to make their customers more comfortable. According to sources Walmart has now officially launched Walmart InHome. Now you can have your grocery delivered straight to your pantry and refridgerator. This service was tested back in 2017 and did so well that Walmart has brought back the service permanently. Services has already begun in Vero Beach Florida, Pittsburgh and Kansas City. To get this new service from Wamart, you must sign up for the subscription which is only $20 per month, and purchase a walmart smartlock for $50 which they will install for free. And if you think that’s unbelievable guess what makes this service even better. You can actually watch your grocery being delivered live from your smartphone if you feel a little uneasy, and it’s a minimum order of only $30. Walmart has really stepped up their game in making grocery shopping a whole lot easier.

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