Racquel Palmer Lands Lead Role In New A Tyler Perry Series After She Bought A Billboard To Get His Attention

Written by on August 9, 2021

If “by any means necessary” was a person, it would for sure be actress Racquel Palmer! Back in 2019, Racquel went viral after she purchased a billboard with a message to Tyler Perry. Although Perry initially shared a photo of the billboard saying it was “not the way to get [his] attention”, it looks like her creativity and perseverance worked in her favor.

Racquel recently revealed to TMZ that she officially landed a leading role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming series, “All The Queen’s Men”, which follows the life of the owner of a male strip club and her loyal head of security. Y’all have probably seen Racquel’s face in another TP show called “Sista’s”, but according to Racquel, her and Tyler have never spoken about the iconic billboard.

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