Plies And Joe Budden Are Challenging Women To Give Better Gifts This Christmas

Written by on December 22, 2021

Whew! It looks like men are fed up with receiving basic gifts for Christmas. This list even includes celebrities like Plies and Joe Budden, who both took to their individual Instagram accounts to blast the ladies for thoughtless gift-giving. The gifts sitting on their chopping blocks include clothing items such as white tees, socks and sweaters. Plies said he had to interrupt his workout on Friday to deliver an important message about gifts. He wasted no time jumping into the topic yelling, “I don’t want no sweater.” Like Plies, Joe Budden isn’t here for basic clothing items as gifts. He hopped on his Instagram on Saturday to tussle with the ladies about this issue. Joe started his plea by describing what women have been requesting all year. Then, he pivoted into describing the excuses women are supposedly making about giving good gifts. Joe says this is the time women are picking to pay attention to their men. He ended his message with a warning that picking the wrong gift means the consequences will pop up on Valentine’s Day.

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