Paula Patton Seasons Her Chicken After She Puts It In Grease

Written by on April 6, 2022

On Monday, social media had a lot to say about Paula Patton’s recipe for cooking fried chicken. Though the video was posted last month, it looks like it just started trending.

In the six-minute video, Paula states the recipe is from her mother, and she was cooking it for her son’s class. As she washes and then puts the chicken in a Ziplock bag with flour, she tells the audience her five steps to preparing the dish. But one step that is noticeably missing: seasoning the chicken before putting it in flour.

As she proceeds to speak into the camera, she places the chicken in avocado oil. The mother-of-one then points to the three seasonings that will be used: Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, organic pepper, and paprika. Patton says she “dusts” the chicken with the three ingredients. Eventually, she flips the chicken with two forks and takes it out to eat. “These chickens are ready to go.”

One person said, “Some videos are much better when left in the dark or camera roll.” Another person said, “Somebody come get her she seasoning the oil.” Another person said, “Seasoning chicken, while it’s cooking is absurd.”

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