Mr. Vegas “The I Am” addesses a prophetess.

Written by on October 4, 2019

So Mr. Vegas is at it again with voicing his opinion on something that does not concern him but concerns him. A prophetess by the name of Sheena Williams sent out a warning to the Hot new young Jamaican artist Koffee. Williams states that persons in high places will be speaking to Koffee to embrace and influence homosexuality to the masses and according to her warning she claims after prophesying that the young singer will get into her car and drive off. Then Williams vision takes a terrible turn when the singer crashes and dies instantaneously, after driving off. After hearing this, Mr. Vegas replies with a post saying, “Watch this fake prophetess putting har mouth on Koffee!! I will tear her up later! I The I AM, return whatever you trying to put forward, 1 million folds to you and your household! Koffee can’t die! Death is an illusion!” Question is, exactly who “The I Am” is Mr. Vegas?

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