Lil Duval Trolls Social Media Saying He Hasn’t Used Lotion All Year

Written by on September 20, 2021

Lil Duval seems to be an expert in generating social media buzz. From his viral 2018 song “Smile” to his daily Twitter thoughts, the entertainer reads the room, then adds his own flair. Most recently, Lil Duval hopped on the internet to let people know ashy feet aren’t in God’s plan for him!

The comedian-turned-artist posted a photo of his bare flippers to his official Instagram page. His feet slightly overlap while resting on a multi-colored surface. Like a true Instagram-mer, Lil Duval found the best light possible to show off his feet.

“Fun face about me, I’ve never had a pedicure in my life and I rarely wear lotion,” Lil Duval wrote in his caption. In the photo, half of a dog’s head is seen in the corner, near the stompers. It’s unclear what expression the dog is giving, however the entertainer’s trolling tone is quite clear. “I know for a fact I ain’t put on no lotion this year. Just wanted y’all to see how much more God cares about me,” Lil Duval wrote.

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