D.L. Hughley Condemns Jokes On Twitter Following Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

Written by on September 12, 2022

Twitter has probably never been as active as it was on Thursday when news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced by Buckingham Palace. Memes have flooded most people’s timelines from Black Twitter making jokes that have even seen stars such as Cardi B jokingly saying they were refraining from using the social app because they didn’t want to go to hell.

And as the jokes and memes continue to go viral, D.L. Hughley has spoken out about his thoughts on the lack of humanity people have shown to a woman who, outside of being the longest-running monarch in Britain, was somebody’s family member. “I think that anybody that holds the idea that you can’t be sad for somebody when they pass on,” the comedian expressed, per TMZ. “I think lacks a level of humanity.”

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