Written by on February 4, 2023

Beyoncé has finally announced dates and cities for the 2023 Renaissance World Tour on Instagram. The internet broke immediately as the Bey-Hive swarmed in every direction to ensure they can secure tickets. Pre-ticket sales should be the biggest concern for anyone who plans to attend. There is growing concern about ticket supplies not being nearly enough for the demand.

Die hard beyonce fans are still doing what they can to be in attendance including appealing to the public for help. Gofundme.com is being used as a platform to request funds from family, friends and the bey-hive by multiple persons. The stories are hilarious as on person wrote  “This is the only life experience I care about living before I die. I will get those front row tickets either way but this way is safer than selling my kidney on the black market.”

Talk about dedicated..

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