12-Year-Old Georgia Girl Hospitalized After Attempting Social Media ‘Fire Challenge’

Written by on August 10, 2023

According to the outlet, the “fire challenge” is when flammable substances, including one’s body, are ignited and recorded on camera. However, the fire is extinguished before it spreads.

Parade reports that this can include spraying a mirror with hairspray and then setting it on fire or putting hand sanitizer on one’s body and lighting that area on fire. Additionally, the report adds that the challenge can also include dousing any object in light fluid and setting it on fire.

According to 11Alive, Kenzie Luckey attempted the challenge on July 30 by reportedly setting fire to alcohol she placed her body. However, the highly flammable substance unexpectedly exploded.

Luckey’s older sister, Rhema Napper, reportedly heard the 12-year-old’s screams and rushed to her aid.

“I heard another scream and it was like bloodcurdling. Like it was really bad,” Napper recalled.

The older sister then managed to smother the flames by wrapping her legs around the 12-year-old and rubbing her face on her body.

“I wrap my legs around her. I started rubbing my face on her and I got all the flames off,” she explained.

Napper sustained third-degree burns to her arms and legs. Luckey suffered third-degree burns to her arms, torso, and face.

Additionally, the 12-year-old is now receiving treatment for her injuries at Grady Hospital.

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