R. KELLY: Lawyer Calls Him “Guilty as Hell” What Ya Tink?

Written by on March 9, 2019

Though R. Kelly hasn’t been convicted yet, he’s guilty in the court of public opinion. And at least one person close to him is going a step further. 

Ed Genson, who represented the singer in his 2008 child pornography trial, has weighed in, and the criminal defense attorney calls his onetime client “guilty as hell.” The legal insider, who is now retired, has no idea why Kelly would do a national TV interview, either, suggesting that he’s “tampering with the jury… I’m trying to figure out why he did it. I don’t know whether his lawyer is an idiot. He might be.”

Genson detailed the extreme lengths he went to to keep Kelly out of prison, back when they still had a working relationship. He says he made the singer get “libido-killing shots,” which is why he “didn’t get arrested for anything else.”

He also claims that he personally helped Kells rewrite “Ignition” after hearing the original lyrics, which were originally about a high school instructor in a class teaching people how to drive. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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