WENDY WILLIAMS: Sick Price Is Right “Joke”

Written by on February 18, 2020

Wendy Williams will wake this morning to calls for her firing.

The daytime talk show host made a sick and cruel “joke” about the death of Amie Harwick. The former fiancée of Drew Carey fell several stories from a Hollywood Hills balcony. Wendy Williams shared these details with her audience, then looked upward and said (quote) “Come on down.”

“Come on down” is the famous catchphrase of Drew Carey’s game show, The Price Is Right. Contestants are selected daily from the studio audience. Their names are announced and told to “come on down” to play the game.

Wendy Williams’ warped mind somehow thought “come on down” was funny or clever in the context of Drew Carey’s former fiancee’s death. But her audience sat in stone-cold silence. Harwick was likely murdered by an ex-boyfriend. He’s been arrested and held on $2 million bond. (Entertainment Weekly)

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