NICKI MINAJ: Lawyer Claps Back at Accuser’s Attorney

Written by on April 14, 2022

Nicki Minaj is looking to be made whole by what her counsel calls a “bottom feeder lawyer.”

Barbie and Judd Burstein have filed legal documents seeking to recoup the $30,000 she spent in legal fees fighting off what she called a “frivolous” lawsuit from Jennifer Hough. Hough accused Minaj’s husband of sexual assault, only to drop the suit abruptly without explanation.

Burstein spoke strongly in his filing, saying Tyrone Blackburn’s “conduct in this case has been disgraceful” and that “he should be severely punished for it” to set an example to other low-rent lawyers. Meanwhile, Blackburn calls the request for sanctions “baseless” and without merit. (Billboard)

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