Ne-Yo Says His Wife Crystal Smith Talked Him Out Of Getting A Vasectomy

Written by on March 30, 2021

Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith are getting ready to welcome their third child together, and the couple is getting candid about the possibility of having more children. The couple has decided that they want to put baby making on hold for now, but Ne-Yo says he will not be getting a vasectomy despite wanting to do so. While speaking with Too Fab, Ne-Yo revealed that he and Crystal have decided not to have anymore children at this time. Ne-Yo also said he planned on having a vasectomy done and his wife said ‘AHT, AHT!’. “She decided that she doesn’t want anymore children and I’m following her lead on that,” he said. “Now mind you…my plan was to get the surgery, but she was like, ‘No, no, no, don’t get the surgery because if we ever decide we do want anymore kids then we can’t do it.’” “Sterilization was something Ne-Yo and I discussed thoroughly in the months leading up to the baby’s delivery,” she said. “Ne-Yo also agreed to undergo a vasectomy to show our mutual commitment to the relationship.”

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