MILEY CYRUS: Custody of 15 Pets

Written by on August 23, 2019

Here’s strong evidence that Liam Hemsworth wants to shed himself completely of Miley Cyrus. She wants to keep all their pets and he’s not going to fight even though he hired celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser. (TMZ)

They have at least seven dogs, four horses, three cats and a pig. All hers, now.

Miley’s rep released a statement one week ago about how Miley and Liam would “co-parent” their pets. She’s had a change of mind. A friend confirmed (quote) “Miley thinks these animals are all hers. She wants to raise them because it would be wrong to separate them.”

Miley has a history of loving her animals more than Liam. Five years ago, after their first engagement fizzled, Miley repeatedly grieved over the loss of her dog Floyd. She cried more tears for him than she ever did for Liam. (Radar Online)

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