Love Island Sparks Surge In Searches For Cheap Lip Fillers

Written by on August 31, 2021

Online searches for cheap lip fillers are up 150% year on year, and people even looking for Groupon vouchers for the cosmetic treatment (up 35%).

Shows like Love Island with its contestants and their over-inflated lips helps to encourage trends. So, where will it stop, and if it doesn’t what are the risks involved with getting lip filler?

EVOKE has spoken with Dr Martyn King, award-winning aesthetic expert in the UK, who has noticed a spike in sub-standard fillers in his own practice, Cosmedic Skin Clinic. 

The research into trends surrounding cheap lip fillers was carried out by a new filler brand, UTH Aesthetics, and it appears that the treatment is still the most desired. We asked Dr King why TV shows can have such an impact on someone changing their features.

Dr Martyn King, Award-Winning Aesthetic Expert

Dr King says of current trends that ‘The cosmetics industry is booming and that’s partly because of lockdown freedom, but we see increased interest around shows such as Love Island, where the contestants have obviously had work done. Unfortunately, whenever an industry really takes off it gives rise to counterfeiters and ‘bargain basement’ products – aesthetics is no different.’

‘Unfortunately, it will be younger people, mainly girls, who are putting themselves in danger. That’s down to cost and that they want to look like reality TV stars, but usually without the celebrity budget,’ he adds. ‘There will often be deals on voucher websites or groups of friends will ask to share a syringe. Because the quality products and medically-trained practitioners demand a higher price, this type of customer does get priced out of the market.’

Sharing needles sounds very unhygienic, is this really the reason for people looking for cheap lip fillers we asked Dr King?

Cheap Lip Fillers

He explains saying, ‘Like with anything, you get what you pay for. If a dermal filler price sounds too good to be true, then there’s a reason for that. The important thing to remember is that these treatments are safe in the right hands, so it is all down to training and medical background. Knowing how to handle complications, understanding anatomy and physiology and getting products from a reputable supplier.’

So, in the wrong hands, what are the possible outcomes is there in going to someone who is not qualified to inject?

He says, ‘The greater the amount of filler used during treatment, the higher the risk of developing a complication. There is also a risk of bleeding, bruising, nodules, lumpiness, asymmetry and a poor aesthetic result. By injecting excessive volume, the lips can have a very unnatural look and really stand out on the face. It is important to have a consultation with your practitioner and be clear about what you would like to achieve with treatment.’

Natural Results

The trend for over-inflated lips continues, but for aesthetic reasons, lip fillers have their place in beauty. Dr King says, ‘Large trout pouts are a trend and, in my opinion, best avoided. My own view is that lips should look natural and when someone you don’t know can tell that you have had your lips filled, you’ve probably had too much!’

He continues by saying, ‘Lip filler can truly enhance facial features. In some cases, corrective work using lip filler for asymmetry can be life-changing, building confidence, and allowing the use of lipsticks and glosses where there was only a very thin lip beforehand.’

‘Personally, I don’t tend to inject more than 1ml of any filler into lips at any one time due to the greater risk of complications and to allow time for patients to get used to their new lips’ he adds. ‘Often a single syringe will create the desired effect and no more is needed. However, if they do want some additional volume after their first treatment, I believe it to be safer and better to invite them back for further treatment a couple of weeks down the line.’

Do Your Research

In a bid to stop more people from having potentially dangerous treatments, Martyn has this advice for anyone looking to have a dermal filler procedure in the near future.

He says, ‘You need to go to a reputable clinic and never be afraid to ask questions. Most patients, even the more educated patients, don’t even ask what filler you are using. These questions I rarely get asked and on the odd occasion that I do, it shows me that my patient has done their research and taking their treatment seriously.’

If looking for cosmetic treatments like lip fillers or Botox, always research the treatment and do your homework on the clinic to go to.

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