LADY GAGA: Full-Body X-Ray

Written by on October 21, 2019

Lady Gaga survived a tumble off the Las Vegas stage. But she’s still in a lot of pain.

She posted an update for her 37 million followers. The night after her show, Gaga soaked for 10 minutes in an ice bath. She Instagrammed a video as she was up to her neck in ice. She wrote, (quote) “Ice bath, then hot bath, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20 minutes. I might be in a lot of pain.”

Last Thursday night, a fan joined Gaga on stage and picked her up. As she straddled the man, he lost his balance and they spilled off the stage. Gaga continued with the show. She asked that the guy forgive himself and that the internet trolls go easy. 

Gaga shared on Instagram, (quote) “When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body…Just Dance. Gonna be ok.” (BuzzFeed)

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