KANYE WEST: Bodyguard Airs Out Dirty Laundry

Written by on May 18, 2020

Kanye’s former bodyguard is airing out Yeezy’s dirty laundry.

Steve Stanulis, who has protected megastars like Leonardo DiCaprio, says that Kanye was “one of my least favorite people to work with over the course of time.” On the Hollywood Raw podcast, Stanulis claimed Kanye had a “ton of ridiculous rules.” On his first day in the job, the two met in an elevator on the way to the studio. Kanye asked if he was going to push the button for the floor, but Stanulis said he had no idea where they were going, it was still his first day. He then started ranting about how he should have called ahead to find out first. Eventually, he agreed to tell his enforcer the right button to press.

Stanulis calls Kanye “the neediest and moodiest” and “worst tipper” but admits he is also the hardest working client he’s ever had. He also claims Kanye made his life difficult by tipping off paparazzi about him and Kim Kardashian’s whereabouts and making him stay 10 paces behind him on busy city streets, making it hard to run interference. 

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