JESSICA SIMPSON: *Open Book* on Abuse, Booze and Pills

Written by on January 23, 2020

Jessica Simpson is on the cover of People magazine telling her story of redemption.

Two years ago, Jess overcame her addictions and has been clean and sober. She details her journey in an autobiography, Open Book. Jessica connects the dots between sexual abuse that started at age six to self-medicating in her 20s. She wrote, (quote) “I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills.”

She started to abuse diet pills almost as soon as her singing career started. Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola offered Jessica a contract on the condition, “You gotta lose 15 pounds.”

Dating John Mayer apparently triggered bad memories of being molested and Jessica relied on alcohol to numb her pain. John became obsessed with her both sexually and emotionally. In a Playboy interview a decade ago, he dubbed Jessica “sexual napalm.”

Despite the success of her billion dollar clothing line, Jessica’s drinking became out-of-control. Near her alcoholic bottom, the paparazzi documented Jessica stumbling out of her husband’s birthday party. (National Enquirer)

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