Written by on January 6, 2020

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were fashionably late arrivals to the Golden Globes. Their bodyguard carried two bottles of Jay’s Ace of Spades champagne brand, which retails for $300. They walked into the ballroom as Kate McKinnon introduced Ellen DeGeneres. (Cosmo)

Previews of the NBC drama This Is Us that aired during the Golden Globes revealed that John Legend makes a cameo when the show returns next Tuesday, January 14.

A woman claims Kim Kardashian stole the idea for SKIMS “boob tape.” If true, possibly because Silicone Valley CEO Carolyn Sitt offered to Khloé Kardashian a complimentary supply of her boob tape after Khloé raved about the company’s “camel toe concealer.” Sitt told the New York Post (quote) “This time it backfired because there was no shout out and no thank you. Five months later, Kim announced her ‘invention.’ How coincidental!”

The adult website called Porn Hub listed the top searched celebrity names of 2019. A role-playing YouTuber, Belle Delphine, took top spot over perennial favorite Kim Kardashian. The top singers searched on Porn Hub for leaked or faked videos were, from 1 to 10 in order, CardiArianaNickiSelenaMileyJLoRihannaKatyDemi and Shawn Mendes.

Nicolas Cage did not spend New Year’s Eve alone in England where he’s working. Cage rang in 2020 at a tiny pub, The Tramways, in the town of Wells. He posed for selfies and bought a round for all 15 people drinking at The Tramways. (Daily Mail)

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