Free Masks

Written by on July 29, 2020

Bernie Sanders Wants The Government To Provide Free Masks To Every American.
This Tuesday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would provide high quality, FREE reusable masks to every American. His proposed bill called the Masks for All Act, would lead to the distribution of “three free, reusable masks to every person in the country, including individuals who are experiencing homelessness or living in group settings such as prisons, shelters, college dorms, and assisted living facilities,” Forbes reports. Sanders explained that the masks would be mailed to Americans via the United States Postal Service. The news site notes that the legislation has been backed by over a dozen Democratic U.S. Senators including Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York. The legislation, which has been introduced by the U.S. house, has a good chance at passing since it has more than two dozen cosponsors where the chamber is controlled by Democrats. While announcing his move, Sanders said: “We are the only high-income country in the world where infections and deaths are skyrocketing instead of falling. Nearly 150,000 are dead and 1,000 more are dying every day. That is an absolute scandal.” Health experts have urged people to use masks as it has shown proof that it helps slow down the spread of COVID-19.

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