CARDI B: Suicidal Over Blogger’s Lies

Written by on January 14, 2022

Cardi B broke down in tears on the witness stand during her libel case against gossip blogger Latasha K.

Earlier in the trial, Latasha K confessed to creating false rumors about Cardi. It created buzz on the blog and made her more money. In repeated posts, Latasha K falsely claimed that Cardi was a prostitute with herpes. That she abused hard drugs while pregnant. The blogger even lied about the child’s mental capacity.

On the witness stand in Georgia, Cardi B said (quote) “I wanted to commit suicide over the things. I felt defeated and depressed. I didn’t want to sleep with my husband. I felt extremely suicidal.”

The judge ordered Cardi to produce her medical records, which proved she attended therapy. Also, that Cardi does not have herpes. (TMZ)

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