CARDI B: Art Imitates Stripper’s Life

Written by on March 27, 2019

Cardi B confessed that during her days as a stripper she drugged and robbed men, which happens to be the plot of her upcoming movie, Hustlers. (New York magazine)

In other words, this is a role that Cardi B has been rehearsing for a lifetime. Art imitates life.

Cardi B joined Jennifer LopezConstance WuLili ReinhartJulia Stiles and Keke Palmer in the cast of Hustlers. It tells the true story of New York City strippers seducing and stealing from Wall Street bigwigs. Filming started Tuesday on the streets of New York City. (Deadline Hollywood)

These Manhattan strippers drugged the men with a cocktail mixed with ecstasy and the horse tranquilizer, ketamine [pr: keta-MEAN]. One of the dancers recalled (quote) “The MDMA made the guys happy. The ketamine screwed with their memory.”

The strippers could scam the married men from Wall Street out of $20,000 in one night. They knew the guys would never report the theft because their wives would discover their infidelity.

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