Hoover Police Department Says There’s No Evidence Toddler Was Walking Down Interstate In Carlee Russell Incident

Written by on July 19, 2023

The Hoover Police Department has revealed new details about the investigation into the disappearance of Carlee Russell, a 25-year-old woman from Hoover, Alabama. Carlee went missing on July 13, but was found safe on July 15. And while the police department is still actively investigating the case and gathering evidence, according to WVTM30, they revealed today that the “snack food type items” Carlee bought prior to going missing from Target on Highway 280 were never found anywhere in or around her vehicle.

Furthermore, new information released by the police contradicts an earlier report of a toddler walking down the interstate, which was initially told to cops. Police say they have found no evidence to support this claim, nor did they receive any other calls regarding a child on the interstate. Police also say that the surveillance footage they obtained from Carlee’s residence reportedly showed her walking down the sidewalk before arriving home. A 911 caller initially told law enforcement officials that she was “unresponsive,” but when first responders arrived, she was “conscious and speaking.”

They are now waiting for a second interview with Carlee, which may provide additional insights into what transpired during her disappearance. Carlee’s parents have declined to share specific details about what their daughter has told them regarding the time she went missing. They cited the ongoing investigation as the reason for their withholding of information. This suggests that there may be crucial information that Carlee has shared with her parents that could aid in the investigation.

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