Written by on February 12, 2021

Halsey hopes to transition to being an award-winning actor. The expectant mom will star and executive produce a series for HBO Max. The Players Table is based on a novel about “two high school seniors trying to unravel the mystery of a classmates’ murder.” Sydney Sweeney will play the other woman. Last summer, Sydney and Halsey bonded during a swimsuit photoshoot. (Deadline)

The Reverend Al Sharpton filed for divorce “only” 17 years after separating from his wife, Kathy Jordan. One of them must have founded a new partner that they wish to marry. Kathy and Al were together slightly longer than being estranged, 23 years. (TMZ)

Burt Reynolds died more than two years ago. His family finally laid him to rest Thursday morning at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. His relatives viewed the small ceremony via Zoom. His statue will be placed at the grave site in September on the third anniversary of his death. (Just Jared)

Katie Holmes ought to be concerned about her boyfriend, who dumped his fiancée to hookup with her. Now, Emilio Vitolo Junior is in constant contact with several of his exes. A friend also said that dating Katie has gone to his head (quote) “Emilio’s ego has been out of control. He’s constantly checking out pretty girls.” (OK!)

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