Written by on November 2, 2020

Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account due to abusive followers making fun of his Halloween costume. They compared his Batman outfit to making Travis appear similar to a cockroach.

Chrissy Teigen unveiled her dainty wrist tattoo for the child she lost last month. She inked in script “Jack” on the same arm where she tattooed the names of her two kids, Luna and Miles. (Hola!)

Sad news from the American Idol family. Nikki McKibbin died last week at age 42 from a brain aneurysm. Nikki placed third in Idol’s debut season behind runner-up Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson.  (TMZ)

The McRib is returning. McDonald’s will offer nationwide the McRib starting on Wednesday, December 2. That day also happens to be the 39th birthday of Britney Spears, who enjoys her fast foods. (McDonald’s)

Now adults can enjoy Play-Doh as much as their kids. Play-Doh introduced six new types with aromas that parents appreciate:  “Overpriced Latte,” “Spa Day,” “Mom Jeans,” “Dad Sneakers,” “Grill King” and “Lord of the Lawn” that smells like freshly-cut grass. (HuffPost)

The first weekend after the election, Saturday Night Livewill be hosted by Dave Chappelle, who had similar honors after the 2016 election. (Variety

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