Written by on September 21, 2020

The two-year-old daughter of Cardi B has more Instagram followers than you could ever dream of. Within the first day of opening an account for Kultureshe has 640,000 followers. She’s posted on average once every two hours.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle intend to commute to Los Angeles by helicopter. Apparently, the Kobe Bryant crash did not dissuade them. Harry flew Apache helicopters while serving in Afghanistan. A friend said, (quote) “Harry joined a copter club to log more flying hours to keep his helicopter license up-to-date. Having your own license gives them freedom.” (The Sun, UK)

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Another Paris Hilton homemade bedroom video allegedly exists. She’s keeping it hidden away in order to protect a dear friend. The celebrity blog Crazy Days and Nights reports, (quote) “Paris is in control of a sex tape between herself and Britney Spears.”

Dr. Dre faces divorce and a lawsuit from his estranged wife, Nicole Young. She now claims that Dre “secretly transferred highly valuable trademarks” they owned together. One trademark is Andre Young’s stage name “Dr. Dre” and the other is the album he’s best-known for, The Chronic. His alleged legal maneuver to exclusively own these trademarks was made between the time he kicked Nicole out of their home and she filed for divorce. (People) His attorneys countered with a copy of a withdrawal Nicole made last month for more than $350,000 basically draining one of their joint accounts. (TMZ)

Jude Law and his second wife, 33-year-old Phillipa Coan, welcomed a child. This is Jude’s sixth child with four women. His oldest ones from his first marriage to Sadie Frost are college-age. (The Tonight Show)

Twenty years ago, prosecutors in the Michael Jackson child abuse trials missed an opportunity to call Jane Fonda as a material witness. Here’s why: The pair nearly hooked up in the ’80s before Jacko became an international superstar. Fonda told Bravo’s Andy Cohen, (quote) “I skinny-dipped with him. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.” (Watch What Happens Live)

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