Written by on April 14, 2023

What’s clear from the outpouring of love for Jamie Foxx on social media is that 1) he is adored in Hollywood and 2) the whispers among his Hollywood friends is that Jamie’s “medical condition” is rather serious. They pray for him as if it’s possibly life-altering. (Extra-TV)

More evidence that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are banging. Paparazzi followed her black Range Rover SUV to his Hollywood home. Maybe for an overnight stay. Possibly to pick up Timothee on their way to Coachella in the California desert. (TMZ)

Coachella Music Fest opens today. YouTube will stream live the three Coachella stages on both this weekend and next. Among the 100 performances to stream, the headlining acts are Bad Bunny tonight, tomorrow Blackpink closes Coachella and Sunday it’s Frank Ocean. (Billboard)

Lady Gaga will co-chair the White House’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. Celebrity members include George Clooney, Jennifer GarnerShonda Rhimes and multiple Grammy winner Jon Batiste. (Billboard)

The NFL team Washington Commanders sold for a record $6 billion. A stunning amount considering the team’s front office is plagued with racial discrimination and sex scandals. On the field, the football team cannot sell-out their new stadium. The Commanders have more losses than wins since 2000 and not one playoff victory. If they were a Netflix show, the Washington Commanders would have been canceled at least 15-seasons ago. (Sportico)

This weekend, Saturday Night Live is giving Latin vibes. Colombian singer Karol G is the musical guest while Cuban-born actor Ana de Armas will be the host. For the SNL promo, the duo speak Spanish to tease Saturday’s show. Asian-American Bowen Yang jokingly botched his Spanish (Yo soy la playa) to claim (quote) “I am the beach.” (Deadline)

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