Written by on November 17, 2021

TikTok is teaming up with media company MACRO to support a group of emerging Black content creators.

Ten Black creatives will receive 50-thousand-dollar grants from TikTok and MACRO to help propel their content.

TikTok’s latest partnership is part of a growing initiative aiming to support Black content creators who feel they’re often overlooked.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the ten content creators have been selected. Jason Linton successfully pitched his unscripted idea to executives at TikTok and MACRO. Linton has more than eleven-point-four million followers on his @dadlifejason TikTok account.

Over the summer, dozens of Black creators went on strike because they felt they weren’t being credited for developing many of the trends that fuel the platform.

On June 20, Black TikTok creator Erick Louis posted a video set to a new Megan Thee Stallion song. In the :15 second video, Louis, 21, fakes like he’s about to dance to the track as the words “MADE A DANCE TO THIS SONG” are shown on the screen above his head. Rather than dancing, he holds up both middle fingers as the text displayed on the screen changes to say, “SIKE. THIS APP WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT [BLACK] PEOPLE.”

The strike continued for more than 3 weeks. Are you in support of Black content creators receiving credit for their original content?

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